The 2nd Srefidensi Chess Challenge Chess Tournament started on 20 Nov., with a flag parade of the Boy Scouts and the singing of the national anthem Suriname, in hotel Krasnapolsky. It is an international tournament with Grandmasters (GM), International Masters (IM), Fide Masters (FM) and Candidate Masters (CM) from Cuba, Venezuela, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Israel, Mongolia, Guyana, Curacao and Suriname.

vlaggenparadeFrank Loopening

During the opening speeches, the representative of the Central Bank of Suriname indicated that the skills developed by chess, are also important in making good financial choices. Hence the slogan " Guard your Budget through Chess".

The Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, Mr. Drs. Ismanto Adna, who represented the President, opened the tournament. He emphasized in his speech the importance of chess in the development of children. It has also proven to improve student performance in school.

After the opening move was made by Minister Adna, in the presence of the representative of the Central Bank of Syriname, Mrs. Elstak and the President of the SSB, Mr. Frank Lo Kim Lin, on the board of our national champion, CM Romario Sanches and Cuban teacher of our top young players, IM Vilela the Acuna, the spectacle begins.

 vilela-sanchesmasters-r1TjongTjinJoe Calvin-Velez Betancourt

Sanches plays against Vilela, his current coach, and has to pull out all the stops. Sanches, had the longest game in the 1st round and lost the endgame..

Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, Junior Champion, managed to keep his former trainer IM Nestor Betancourt Cuba to a draw. FM Roger Matoewi seemed to have a promising position against IM Ariel Marichal Venezuela, but the highly experienced master from Venezuela managed to slowly improved his position and won.

Our chess player of the century Wim Veer, who joined the Master Class, at the last minute, lost to the Woman Grandmaster from Mongolia.

Our latest Fide master Giasi, who is keen to play against the foreign masters, after a fierce battle, against FM Ryan Harper from Trinidad & Tobago, on the first day, unfortunately did not score a point

In the Master Class, the is great interest in the game of the 15 year old IM Jorden of Foreest from the Netherlands, European champion under 14 last year. FM Damion Davy from Jamaica experienced the strenght and insight of this 15-year-old International Master, who gave away a pawn in the opening in exchange for good coordination of his pieces and won.


In the Open Class all the favorites won their 1st round.

Over 90 chess players "will battle" on the chess board, till Srefidensi on November 25th in hotel Krasnapolsky. The youth is well represented, with top players from all the different age groups. You are welcome to visit and support our boys and girls, every day from half past seven and Sunday from half past ten in the morning, in the ballroom of Hotel Krasnapolsky.
The closing ceremony
starts on Tuesday at 18:00 h