The third round was played on Saturday evening and was a most exciting one. All three games on the top boards were eventually drawn, so nobody is on 100% anymore, but what a great fights. On the first board Dutch GM Sipke Ernst just couldn't help himself and gambitted a pawn with Black as early as move 7 against Cuban IM Humberto Pecorelli Garcia. Things quickly got out of control, and while White was objectively on top for most of the game, the game was always very complicated. Even in the final position White still has good chances in the knight ending, but Pecorelli must have been very tired as well after such a long tense game and offered a draw.

The second round had the twelve winners of the first round all paired against eachother. Since we now have six live boards, all action at the top boards could be followed nicely. Clearly the game of the round was the one on the first board. Young IM Jose Rafael Gascon Del Nogal from Venezuela played a very inspired attacking game to take down the number one rated player of the tournament, Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo. The key move of the game was 20.g4, which gives White nice attacking chances on the kingside. In fact, Black may have to look for an improvement earlier on.

The Srefidensi Chess Celebration is still a young tradition, but steadily growing. This year the master group consists of 26 players, so 13 games per round. In the first round the top half was paired against the bottom half. Eleven results were according to Elo expectation. The two exceptions were 16-year-old Trinidad talent Joshua Johnson drawing IM Ariel Marichal Gonzalez and Sherman Maduro from Curacao beating Warren Elliott from Jamaica.

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Dear Chess friends,

In honor of the independence day of Suriname (November 25), and after the enormous success of the 1st and 2nd Srefidensi tournament, the Surinaamse Schaakbond will organize the 3rd Srefidensi Chess Celebration tournament, from Friday, November 20th, 2015 until Wednesday, November 25th, 2015.

This international chess tournament will consist of a Master and an Open class.

Auteur: Jorden van Foreest
Datum: 29-11-2014 19:36

Van 20-26 november speelde ik een toernooi in Paramaribo Suriname: de Srefidensi Chess Celebration

Link - Srefidensi Chess Celebration

De Nederlandse Grootmeester (GM) Sipke Ernst is kampioen geworden van de tweede editie van het Srefidensi Chess Celebration toernooi. Dit internationale schaakevenement was verdeeld in een Open- en een Mastersklasse. U-14 Jeugdkampioen Pierre Chang van Suriname eindigde op de eerste plaats in de Openklasse. Het toernooi werd van 20 tot en met 25 november gehouden in de ballroom van Hotel Krasnapolsky.

De tweede editie van de Srefidensi Chess Celebration verloopt erg spannend. De nodige verrasingen blijven in beide klassen van het internationaal schaakevenement vallen. De talentvolle Cedric Prade die momenteel op een gedeelde eerste plaats staat in de Openklasse weet steeds voor verrassingen te zorgen. Prade wist zowel in de tweede als in de vijfde ronde te winnen van respectievelijk Frank Sears uit Trinidad en Sherman Maduro van Curacao. Beide tegenstanders van Prade beschikken over de titel Candidate Master(CM).