Master Report 8

IM Thomas Willemze knows how to pick his fights, and against WGM Alina L'Ami he figured that a draw with the black pieces would be decent result. The only lady in the group didn't mind a quick draw and some extra rest before the final round.

FM Ryan Harper outprepared his opponent IM Jose Luis Vilela De Acuna and got a technically winning position with a piece against two pawns. From that point on he started to drift though and after some hardly visible, but instructive mistakes, Vilela De Acuna took over and showed that he excels in the endgame.

FM Roger Matoewi and GM Jha Sriram delivered a fantastic fight. First Black was clearly better, than White, and in the end a repetition of moves led to a draw. IM Luis Lazaro Aguero Jimenez slowly but surely outplayed Romario Sanches positionally. When it rains, it pours, so FM Dewperkash Gajadin also lost his 8th game against IM Gerardo Lebredo Zaragoitia.

1st Srefidensi standings after round 8:
1 Willemze (6.5)
2-3 Sriram, Harper (5.5)
4-6 Aguero Jimenez, L'Ami, Vilela De Acuna (5)
7 Lebredo Zaragoitia (3.5)
8 Matoewi (2.5)
9 Sanches (1.5)
10 Gajadin (0)

IM Merij van Delft