IM Thomas Willemze leads the Master Class

The Dutch International Master Thomas Willemze is leading the Master Class of the Srefidensi Chess Celebration with 5 points out of 6 games. Willemze is closely followed by Grandmaster Sriram Jha of India and Fide Master Ryan Harper of Trinidad and Tobago.

Master Class

Willemze had to compete in the sixth round against IM Lazaro Aguero from Cuba. The Cuban chessplayer made a mistake and lost the game. The game between Harper and the Surinamese Fide Master Roger Matoewi ended in a draw, because Matoewi forced an Eternal Chess. Jha faced the Woman Grandmaster Alina L' Ami from Romania. The Indian grandmaster could not find a hole with his black pieces, so this game also ended in a draw. The game of the National Champion of Suriname Romario Sanches against FM Dewperkash Gajadin ended in the favour of Sanches.

Open Class

Frank Sears from Trinidad and Tobago and the Surinamese Youth Champion Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe are leading the Open Class. This duo managed to lead this class with a hundred percent score out of four games. Gavin Ooft could hold a draw in the fourth round in a thrilling fight against the Tobagian Marcus Joseph. Sears and Tjong Tjin Joe managed to win Esan Wiltshire from T & T and Anthony Draython Guyana respectively. The fifth round is going to be a clash between the leaders Tjong Tjin Joe and Sears.

The final round of the Srefidensi event is played on the Independence Day of the Republic of Suriname. After the final round, there will be a grand chess event in the afternoon. De Surinaamse Schaakbond is planning to have 200 novices in the event that is going to be held at the parking lot of Hotel Royal Torarica.

Vishay Hardwarsing